Dance + Emotions + Visual poetry - Cia. Maduixa

Dance + Emotions + Visual poetry

Since its foundation in 2004, the Maduixa Company elaborates artistic hall and street theatre creations for all audiences. Research and a mix of disciplines are the creative engine of each production. The objective is to explore fresh scenic languages and to risk always creating their own original stories.

The company has acquired their own style always present in more than 12 performances. Is the product of dance fusion, plastic arts and technology, all combined with the body of the interpreters. The result are huge visual poetic images.
Over the years, their creations has being granted with more than 20 awards, three of them the MAX awards (Maximum Recognition of the Spanish Scenic Arts) and four FETEN awards (European theatre Childhood Fair) The company internationalization has led them to travel around more than 25 countries worldwide and allow them to visit a high number of festivals and theaters

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