LÙ 路 - Cia. Maduixa

LÙ 路

2019 40"

Dance and visual arts to enjoy whit the family. A magical, creative and poetic show.

“LÙ” which means « path » in traditional Chinese, combines contemporary dance, wit and audiovisual elements. With this project, the Maduixa company is committed to an intimate show full of poetic images and feelings.

The leading actresses of this story live in a place surrounded by land and poverty. They work and work in the fields without rest. However, in order to survive, they have turned work into a game, because… it is impossible to stop a child from playing.
This show is about the power of creativity and imagination as a form of escape from the cruelty and hardship of life.

With “LÙ” we go deep into dancing and plastic arts, to enjoy a magical,
creative and poetic show with the family.


Melisa Usina
Laia Sorribes

Idea and Director:
Joan Santacreu

Baldo Ruiz

Movement advisor:
Cristina Fernández

Playwright and assistant director:
Paula Llorens

Damián Sánchez

Costume designer:
Joan Miquel Reig

Costume realization:

Corporal expression research work:
Pau Bachero

Audiovisual support:
Bea Herráiz

Lighting designer:
Ximo Olcina

Sound deck:
Andrés Roses

Distribution and production:
Loles Peris
Elena Villagrasa
Marianne Maravilla

Executive production:
Maduixa Teatre SL

Resident Company:
Ajuntament de Sueca

Institut Valencià de Cultura
Festival GREC Barcelona


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  • 2019 : Premio Mostra Alcoi | Mejor espectáculo familiar