Consonant - Cia. Maduixa



Dance, theater and visual poetry

Consonant is a show where dance, theater, shadows, plastic arts, and new technologies transport us to a visual poetic world fed by Paula´s and Aina´s imagination.

The imaginary universe of the poet Joan brossa is the reference of the show where the transformation from letters to objects, magic and the play on words are the main characters.

A show made to bring dance and poetry closer to all audiences.

Consonat is Paula´s favourite book. She starts reading it but her sister, Aina, makes it difficult for her.The only thing Aina is interested in is playing with Paula. Reading the book and using their imagination, both sisters travel to a fantastic world where the letters from the book come to life and get transformed, opening the doors to a surprising game.


Main characters:
Aina Gimeno i Paula García Sabio

Playwright and direction:
Juan Pablo Mendiola

Choreographic direction:
Mamen García

Paco Garnelo

Lucas Granell

Música original:
Paco Garnelo

Lightning and audio-visuals:
Juan Pablo Mendiola

Patricia Barrachina – Patossa

Grafic animation:
Beatriz Herráiz, David Martínez i
Hector Ferrández

Pascual Peris

Set desing:
Joan Santacreu i Juan Pablo Mendiola

Set construction:
Marcos Orbegozo

Graphic desing:
Joan Santacreu

Jordi Pla

Nirvana Imatge

Loles Peris

Production assistants:
Vanesa Abad, Anabel Calderón, Inma Melero

Executive production:
Joan Santacreu


  • 2012 : Premio Feten | Aplicación en escena de las nuevas tecnologías