MULÏER (indoor) - Cia. Maduixa

MULÏER (indoor)

2018 60"

Dance + emotions + visual poetry

Mulier is a dance on stilts interpreted by five dancers.

With this we aim to investigate the physical limits through dance and balance, movements and poetry or strength and emotions.

Women are our starting point. The show was born from the need to explore female identity through the body, emphasizing the image, visual poetry and storytelling to reach the sensitivity of the spectator.

This show is a tribute to all women who for centuries and centuries of oppression have fought and are still fighting to keep living their wildest side, and claiming the right to dance and run freely through the streets and squares of our society.

Fiche artistique:

Laia Sorribes
Lara Llávata
Melisa Usina
Esther Latorre
Ana Lola Cosin
Emma Ferrer

Idée et direction:
Joan Santacreu

Mamen García

Aides de direction:
Paula Llorens

Roser de Castro

Damián Sánchez

Ximo Olcina

Joan Miquel Reig

Réalisation vestiaire:

Technical service:
Andrés Roses

Aides de production:
Loles Peris
Elena Villagrasa

Exécutif de production:
Maduixa Teatre SL


  • 2018 : Premis Arts Escèniques Valencianes | Mejor bailarina Laia Sorribes
  • 2018 : Premis Arts Escèniques Valencianes | Mejor composición musical
  • 2018 : Premis Arts Escèniques Valencianes | Mejor dirección coreográfica
  • 2018 : Premio Mostra Alcoi | Mejor espectáculo
  • 2017 : Premio Umore Azoka | Mejor espectáculo
  • 2017 : Premios Max | Mejor Composición Musical
  • 2017 : Premios Max | Mejor espectáculo de calle
  • 2016 : Premio Moritz | Mejor estreno Fira Tàrrega

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